Human organoids as superior models for virus research.

Human organoids as superior models for virus research.


About us.

As experts on human organoids for virology, we aim to understand human diseases to achieve better human health and to make the world a better place.




An ‘organoid’ is a miniature and simplified version of a human organ. 

An organoid contains the same specialized cells as its donor organ, with same functionality and genetic make-up. However, an organoid is not a complete organ as it does not contain connective tissues, immune cells, blood vells, or neurons.


Our team.

Dasja Pajkrt

Dasja is a Professor of Viral Pediatric Infectious Diseases at Emma Children’s Hospital, Amsterdam UMC and co-head of OrganoVIR Labs.

Katja Wolthers

Katja is a clinical virologist at the Department of Medical Microbiology at the Amsterdam UMC and is the co-head of OrganoVIR Labs.

Adithya Sridhar

Adithya Sridhar is a Senior Scientist at the OrganoVIR Labs at the Amsterdam UMC location AMC.