OrganoVIRLabs is looking for a Virus Culture Diagnostics and Research Analyst 

About our lab

OrganoVIR Labs, based in Amsterdam University Medical Centers (location Academic Medical Center (AMC)), is an expert laboratory on virus culture and human 2D and 3D ‘organoid cultures’ for virology.


An ‘organoid’ is a miniature and simplified version of a human organ. An organoid contains the DNA of its donor, which means that it carries the personal characteristics of that donor (such as genetic make-up, age, gender, etc.). This makes them the ideal model to study viral infections in a human context. Within our labs, we use organoids to culture human picornaviruses, CMV, and recently SARS-CoV-2.


The OrganoVIR Labs coordinates two large EU-funded projects, namely OrganoVIR and GUTVIBRATIONS. OrganoVIR is a European Training Network, in which 15 PhD students are trained at different EU locations in a multidisciplinary consortium. The OrganoVIR team started in 2019 to lead innovation in the field of human organoids for virus research. More information about OrganoVIR can be found on


GUTVIBRATIONS is a multidisciplinary network that started in 2021. The GUTVIBRATIONS consortium consists of 7 European partners and 12 freshly hired enthusiastic researchers that will develop a next-generation gut-brain axis organ-on-chip technology for virology. In essence, GUTVIBRATIONS is an extension of the OrganoVIR project. More information about GUTVIBRATIONS can be found on

We are looking for

Our lab is looking for a hands-on Virus Culture Diagnostics and Research Analyst to join our team at the Department of Medical Microbiology and Infection Prevention (MMI) at Amsterdam UMC location AMC. Within this role, you will use your expertise to independently run a high-quality virus culture laboratory where diagnostics, test development, quality control, supervision of interns and students, and providing support for research will be a part of your daily tasks.


To be considered for this role, you must:

  • Be a Dutch speaker* This role will be conducted in Dutch. However, as we work in a research environment with many English-speaking researchers, it is necessary to possess good English language skills
  • Be a driven, flexible and social colleague who enjoys working in a team
  • Have experience with virus culture and/or cell culture techniques at BSL-2 level
  • Have HBO work and thinking level, with (preferably) an HLO diploma
  • In addition to experience with virus culture, you must have experience with nucleic acid extraction techniques, PCR methods and experience with working at BSL-3 level are recommended
  • Have demonstrate affinity with quality assurance for diagnostics and research in the field of virus and/or cell culture
What we offer you
  • A position where you work together with an experienced colleague as well as independently
  • Appreciation for your expertise and input within an enthusiastic team of (young) researchers
  • An annual contract with a view to a permanent contract
  • In addition to a good salary (€2,966 – €4,201) in accordance with the UMC Collective Labor Agreement, you will also receive an 8.3% end-of-year bonus and 8% holiday allowance
  • Free and unlimited access to our online learning environment GoodHabitz
  • Pension accrual with the ABP, of which we pay 70% of the premium
  • A (partial) reimbursement of your public transport travel costs
  • An active staff association and Young Amsterdam UMC association, both of which organize fun (sports) activities and events
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