Research Activities & Diagnostics

The research projects are carried out by a talented and motivated team of researchers.



The Medical Microbiology & Infection Prevention (MMI department) of the Amsterdam University Medical Centres (AUMC) location Amsterdam Medical Centre (AMC) has a laboratory specially geared for the cultivation of viruses. In addition to the diagnostic tasks, the virus culture laboratory is also focused on the education, research, development and validation of new tests.

Through expertise in the field of viral cultures, viruses are cultured using mini-organs in OrganoVIR Labs. In our labs, innovative 3D cultures with organoids (mini-organs) are developed and used for research. For instance, we can now grow viruses that were previously uncultivable, such as rotavirus.

This helps our researchers study how viruses enter and spread into the human body in order to better understand virus infections in humans and to help develop new antiviral therapies.


Scientific Research.

GUTVIBRATIONS is a multidisciplinary international consortium that consists of 7 esteemed European partners from the fields of academia and industry. With its next generation organ-on-chip technology, GUTVIBRATIONS will fast track drug development that will minimise costs, lower disease burden and save lives.
OrganoVIR is an Innovative Training Network (ITN) that trains 15 Early Stage Researchers to lead innovation in the field of organoids for virology. OrganoVIR’s innovative nature lies in its training programme, which combines the research projects with high quality training in the fields of communication, dissemination and business. The training programme will allow for OrganoVIR to deliver well-rounded individuals who are trained in organoids for virus research, providing them with a unique position within the European labour market.

Contract Research.

At the OrganoVIR Labs, state-of-the art virus culture techniques are available for assignments by third parties. One of our specialties is testing of rhinovirus-16 specific antibodies by neutralisation (performed under ISO 15189), and neutralisation of enteroviruses. Testing on 3D cultures (organoids) is available for R&D projects.

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