Reintroducing Adithya Sridhar: Assistant Professor 

& Emma CPM’s Top Talent

With over 10 years of experience in developing complex in vitro cell culture models, Adithya Sridhar has established various human organotypic  models to better understand human diseases and disorders. Earlier this year, he was appointed Assistant Professor at Emma Center for Personalized Medicine (Emma CPM) Amsterdam UMC, where he will continue developing and provide educationon developing human disease models using patient-derived stem cells for personalized medicine.

About Emma Center for Personalized Medicine (Emma CPM)

The Emma Center for Personalized Medicine (Emma CPM) is an expertise center in the Amsterdam UMC that offers fast and innovative diagnostics, therapy & customized care for children with (suspected) rare hereditary disorders. Launched in 2022, Emma CPM aims to accelerate and innovate in translational research and care.



Emma CPM offered permanent positions to 20 university lecturers within Amsterdam UMC to conduct research and provide education in the field of personalized medicine. These ‘Top Talents’ are experts in the fields of metabolism, eye, developmental disorders, model systems, phenotyping and biomarkers, drug screening, RNA/gene editing, trials, biobank, databases, trials and artificial intelligence.

Sharing knowledge on human organoid models

Among the twenty Top Talents at Emma CPM is Adithya Sridhar, Senior Scientist at OrganoVIR Labs. Adithya has over 10 years of experience in developing complex in vitro cell culture models, and within OrganoVIR Labs Adithya has set up airway, gut, and brain organoid models for virology.


Starting from the 1st of January 2024, Adithya will provide education on and will develop human organoid models for personalized medicine with a focus on virology and antiviral testing. This task is aligned with the work carried out in GUTVIBRATIONS, a human organoid-centered project of which Adithya is also a core member. Within the Emma CPM Adithya Sridhar will develop patient iPSC-derived human respiratory tract, gut and brain organoids to test efficacy of (repurposed) drugs for personalized antiviral treatment. 

 “I am very honored to be appointed as Assistant Professor at Emma CPM. I have the firm ambition to contribute towards patient care and addressing rare diseases” said Adithya about his new role.

Within Emma CPM, Adithya will be assuming his duties as Assistant Professor alongside Arthur Bergen, Vivi Heine, Katja Wolthers, and Dasja Pajkrt amongst others.